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Air Column Bags

Air Column Bag Packaging Is Fast And Simple. Simply Slip The Product Into The Deflated Pagkage. Inflate The Package From The Single Inflation Point. Ait Flows Through All The Air Columns To Create A Firm Fitting Air Cushion Around The Product. This Packaging Revolution Provides Smaller, Lighter Packages That Reduce The Total Carbon Footprint Of Each Product You Shipped And Cost Saving On Transporation. Pioneer Air Column Bag Packaging Is More Compact. Users Can Save Average 45% Less Packaging Material By Weight. As A Result, The Smaller Boxes Can Be Shipped 30% More Efficient. For Retailers, The New Packaging Is Also Expected To Save Significant Transportation And Storage Costs While Freeing up Valuable Display Space.
Overview of Air Column    
Pioneer Air Column Bag Utilizes Multiple, Yet Independent, Air Column To Provide The Highest Level Of Product Protection Possible. This Unique Design Keeps A Seried Of Highest Level Of Product Protection Possible. This Unique Design Keeps A Series Of Adjoining Air Columns Securely Inflated To Cushion And Protect Products During Shipment. These Air Columns Are Connected Via Series Of One Way Valve As A Result, If One Air Column IS Punctured, The Others Remain Inflated To Offer Continued Protection. Pioneer Air Column Bag Typically Hollds Air For At Least 24 Months. During This Period, A Small Amount Of Pressure May Be Lost; This Will Not Be Enough To Affect The Performance Of The Pioneer Air Column Bag.
The Pioneer Air Column Technology    
Pioneer Air Column Packaging Is Based On A Multilayered Film and Air Cushion Concept That Has Integrated Independent Air Columns.
By Means Of One Way Air Flow Valves For Each Column, The Entire Substrate Of Air Columns Can Be Inflated From Single Piont In Seconds. We Use Non-Toxic, RoHS Compliant Films That Have Abrasion Resistance And Load Bearing Properties.